Sunday, April 28, 2013

They Will Occupy!

Deuteronomy 1.39
I will give the land to your little ones-- your innocent children. You were afraid they would be captured, but they will be the ones who occupy it.
though this passage is in the context of a punishment, we see your grace shining all the way through, lord, even through our mistakes and the consequences of our actions and words, we see your love and heart for the generations. thank you lord that in the midst of our fears, in the midst of our faithlessness, you carry and hold the very thing we are concerned for, the very ones we love and entrust to you - you work past the fear and guarantee that your perfect plan happens! thank you lord that your concern, your care, your compassion far exceeds whatever human capacity we have to love those you have written our lives to be with, and we praise you and give you back all the glory and honour you deserve. amen!

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