Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lead The Way

Deuteronomy 1.30
GOD, your God, is leading the way;
this God, the one who caused the earth and the universe it is in to come into being with his mere voice, the God who has seen time before it has began and will still be there way after it ends, the God who holds the hearts of kings and rivers in his powerful hands, the God whose thoughts conceive never-before-seen-or-heard wonders and beauties that words cannot even begin to describe, this God of all, above all and over all, is the same God who is YOUR God, the one personally involved in your life, the one who created your first heartbeat down to its last, is the one who holds your hand and speaks to your heart and guides you and shows you the real way, the way that will never let you stray from the best, gracing you with his wisdom and guidance for all decisions and choices you have to make. how can you go wrong?

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