Friday, April 19, 2013

With Eyes Wide Open

Deuteronomy 1.30
You saw what he did in the wilderness
the lord is faithful and strong and powerful not just in your previous life, in your past failures, in whatever he has pulled you out of, but he continues to be faithful, strong and powerful even in the difficulty that you are currently going through! not just in Egypt, but all through the wilderness! not just in the past, but right through the entire journey! he never changes, he stays the same, and if at all possible he just keeps getting better and better and gives more and more and redeems more and more and heals and loves and fights and graces more and more! from glory to glory, from strength to strength, he sweeps you up and lets you get caught in all that he does, to let you know that he has nothing but good planned, executed and accomplished. what security, what peace. praise you lord!

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