Saturday, April 06, 2013

Math by God

Deuteronomy 1.10
GOD, your God, has multiplied your numbers. Why, look at you--you rival the stars in the sky!
amen! how God has multiplied you, soul! how God has spread your tents farther than you ever could on your own! he has multiplied you in number - flourishing and growing in all areas of your life, look how far you have come, wherever you are right now! know that whatever your past is, whatever your present may be and whatever your future brings, your fruitfulness is not bound by them, but tied to the direction God has given you! and what a direction that is - a direction full of hope, a direction you could look forward to, a path not only to the best for you but to the absolute best for God, a life joined to the beautiful, grand picture that the sovereign creator of everything is perfectly painting. look at you, and see how God has turned and is continually turning your life upside down and right side up! praise him!

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