Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't Lose Heart

Deuteronomy 1.21
Don't lose heart.
never give up. however huge the obstacle, your God is bigger. never give up. however impossible the situation, God is possible. don't lose your confidence in him. however daunting the task at hand, God is able. have faith in his ability. no matter how unbelievable the truth is, don't let go of it! believe in what he says. no matter what you see with your physical eyes, God sees everything both physically and spiritually. keep your eyes on him! no matter what you feel in your entire being that goes against everything he has promised, no matter how valid your feelings are, God rules above all emotions! keep your will on his will. whatever everything and everyone else presents, what God has promised and placed right in front of you, stop, take a good look, grab hold of it and begin to live it.

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