Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Deuteronomy 1.30
he's fighting for you.
God fights for you. yes soul, God fights for you. this warrior, victorious in every aspect, right in every way, never defeated, never goes wrong, is fighting for you. the mighty one, the almighty one, the all-mighty one, fights for you. he is everywhere, he knows everything, he can do anything, and he fights for you - who could ever go against you? who could ever go against God? can anything foil his plan? can anyone sour up his good intentions? can anything good or bad stand in his way? never. let him fight for you, let him take his rightful place, let him call the shots, let him manage everything, let him lead his victory into your life as you daily depend on him, look to him for absolutely everything. he fights for his word in you, his love, grace, provision, his everything in you. amen!

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