Tuesday, November 24, 2015

For Sure

1 Samuel 24.20
I know now beyond doubt that you will rule as king. The kingdom of Israel is already in your grasp!
what an assurance we have in you, lord! thank you that when you make a promise it's always as good as done, it's always true beyond doubt, we can stake our life on it, we can be fully secure in it, we can hold on to it for dear life, we can follow you and be sure that everything falls beautifully into place. thank you lord that everything you have for us is already within our grasp on the wonderful path that you have prepared for us with all love, grace and provision. everything that you called out in the spiritual is already ours no matter where, no matter when. we always have your word to live by and live for. thank you that when you give something it's always within our grasp, your provision will never be too hard for us to get a hold of.

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