Friday, November 13, 2015

The Truth

1 Samuel 23.17
And my father knows it.
how true, God! the enemy knows that you have already triumphed. even he knows that he is already defeated! may we always keep this in mind and let your truth reign sovereign over our thoughts, over our circumstances and doubts, over our uncertainty and fears. thank you for your truth that no one could escape, your truth of favour, love, hope, peace, provision, justice, health, all good things coming from you! thank you that we are the conqueror in you, that we are the victor, we never lose when we follow you, when we put you first and have you on top, at the centre of everything. thank you that you truly hold everything together and everything falls into place when you rule. keep ruling us, lord, keep having your way in our lives, keep calling the shots they way that only a God like you deserves.

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