Monday, November 09, 2015

Go and Encourage

1 Samuel 23.16
Jonathan, Saul's son, visited David at Horesh and encouraged him in God.
God, thank you for this gift - that we can always draw from your vast grace to be an encouragement to everyone around us. thank you for planting us in families that we can grow deep roots in and give your love to each other with. thank you for this example, a great example of encouragement to go there and be right there with them through whatever they are going through, through the difficulty that they are in and not just be with them in the comfort of our own daily routine. thank you that by your grace we can go out of our way and bless others with the blessing that you have given to us first. what a great design, lord, time and again we can't help but just give you an outpour of praise!

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