Thursday, November 12, 2015


1 Samuel 23.17
I'll be right at your side to help.
God may we use your goodness to overflow goodness to others. may we overflow the grace you gave us to bless others towards what you have for them, the great story you have written out for them to abundantly live out. thank you for giving us the chance to be of help to someone, for always giving us an opportunity to serve your purpose in other people’s lives. thank you for your sovereign design to plant us in community, to plant us in families, to thrive and flourish with others as we all get to follow you and do what you need us to do, be who you want us to be. thank you that we can be generous with the things that you have been generous with us. we will never run out of opportunity to show your goodness to others, thank you for the abundance of chances for us to love on you by loving on others.

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