Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Hand Won't Touch You

1 Samuel 24.13
An old proverb says, 'Evil deeds come from evil people.' So be assured that my hand won't touch you.
thank you for this choice, lord - that by your strength we can say no to things that dishonour you, that disobey you, that fall away from your path. thank you that by your grace we have the ability to assure everyone around us that our hands will be where you want them to be, our hearts will dwell on things of you, our minds will be immersed in your thoughts, our lives will be all about you. the enemy has come to bring evil and death, but you have come to bring good and life and have triumphed over everyone and everything that goes against you and your way! what God we serve, what God who loved us first. you will always be praised no matter what at all times!

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