Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Narrow Escape

1 Samuel 23.28
So Saul called off his pursuit of David and went back to deal with the Philistines. That's how that place got the name Narrow Escape.
oh God, you always, always provide a way. whether our troubles are a result of our own doing or we are caught in something completely out of our hands, your grace, provision and sovereignty are more than enough for us to keep living in victory, keep celebrating your goodness no matter what, keep giving thanks in everything, keep praising you at all times. thank you, jesus, for what you have done to get us back on the way to God and keep us in his ways. you deserve our overflow of thanks, our outpouring of praise and our life of obedience. thank you that we have an unending hope no matter what, we have unlimited strength for everything and we will always have a way to walk in obedience to you.

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