Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You Are Significant

1 Samuel 25.1
Everyone grieved over his death
thank you for such a reminder that no matter how insignificant we may think we are, we will always be missed by someone, there will always be someone who feel a loss when we uproot ourselves. what an encouragement to anyone who's feeling like they don't belong or their life is not making an impact at all. thank you Jesus that whoever follows you will always leave a mark, will always affect others, will always touch other people's lives, will always play a significant role that no other was meant to play, will always be blessed to overflow blessings to everyone around them. thank you for such design, such provision, such sovereignty. thank you for accomplishing your plan through us, that we get to be part of what you, that we can take our worth from being who you want us to be.

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