Wednesday, November 04, 2015

In My Hands

1 Samuel 23.4
God said, "Get going. Head for Keilah. I'm placing the Philistines in your hands.
your victory is so generous, lord. you win your victory not just for you - its triumph and everything that goes with it overflows to us. you are the one who places our enemies in our hands, those that go against your perfect and great, good will for us. thank you for such powerful victory in the spirit that everything in the natural could not escape from your will, could not help but bow down to your goodness. you are praiseworthy, you are always breaking new ground in our hearts, you are always the blessing and the blesser. what would become of us without you? thank you that we never have to know. you hold everything in your hands and we are strong and secure in you.

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