Monday, November 23, 2015

Send with Blessings

1 Samuel 24.19
Why? When a man meets his enemy, does he send him down the road with a blessing? May God give you a bonus of blessings for what you've done for me today!
may we always have this attitude, this heart posture, lord! may we keep recognizing that we are never against people, but against spiritual forces that are opposing you. teach us to always appropriate your grace so we could be big enough to look beyond our self and accommodate others around us as they accommodate us and all our raw identity in you. thank you for showing us a better way to live, a higher road as always, because truly your ways are higher than ours and your thoughts are always most excellent, always above and beyond what we would think, ourselves. thank you, jesus, for bridging our gap into the supernatural, so we could follow you and be relevant and who you want us to be in the natural.

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