Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Alive and Active

Acts 9.34-35
Jesus Christ heals you. God is alive and active among you.

these two statements are both a command and a fact! the Lord is very good to you. this is God's instant healing right there and then, and he's given it to you because he is alive and active among you, imagine that! he heals your sickness, makes you secure, gives you peace, heals your financial situation, your relationships, your family, your job and work, your friends - he heals them all! nothing escapes his power, nothing can go against him. he's as alive and active today as he was back then and will be in the future. and you can count on that - the Holy Spirit is always with you, strengthening you, prospering you wonderfully.

thank you lord! you are ever faithful, you are ever good, we can count on you wherever, whenever, whatever.

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