Thursday, June 09, 2011


Acts 10.39,11.18
We saw it, saw it all, everything He did. It's really happened! God has broken through.

we are great witnesses to everything God did, and what he keeps on doing! the Lord is great and good, we saw him healing you, settling you down in your career, blessing your family, establishing you in church and making sure you have everything and everyone you need to flourish, working in the hearts and minds of your children so they'll have a life that will never depart from him, creating a huge life-changing transformation in your pre-believing family members, opening doors through the desert for loved ones and family to be reunited, preserving and maintaining your capacities at home, in church and at work, protecting you from freak, minor, and major accidents, protecting and shielding you from the attacks of the enemy, redeeming your life from destruction and prospering, flourishing and making you abound in him and in this life, joyfully reuniting your painful partings, blessing you financially, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally - IT HAS REALLY HAPPENED, it has ALL really happened, GOD HAS BROKEN THROUGH!

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