Friday, June 10, 2011

For Good

Acts 13.34
When I raised you from the dead, I did it for good-no going back to that rot and decay for you. I'll give you David's guaranteed blessings.

This is how God raised Jesus, and this is how God raised you too! whatever your sickness is, no more going back to that rot and decay for you! He did it for good! God will give you all his guaranteed blessings! healing, restored relationships, financial stability, peace, love, security, promotion, well-being, love, family - everything! all good things come from Him! and all His promises to you - dig them up in your bible again! because He has GUARANTEED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. He has raised you back to life, what else will He keep from you? He has done it for good! no more going back to that rot and decay and depression and sadness and fear and discord and insecurity and discouragement and severed relationships and busyness with the wrong things - no more going back to those! amen. and amen again!

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