Saturday, June 04, 2011

Word Salute

Acts 6.7
The Word of God prospered.

oh wow where do i even begin, this has tons of meaning! God's word grows, flourishes, reproduces, multiplies, becomes profitable, establishes itself, produces offspring that grow, flourish and reproduce again! so when he said you were healed, when he called you financially stable, when he said i'll save that loved one of yours, when he blessed your children down to the 4th generation, when he gave you rest, real rest, when he gave you peace and security, when he said i'll protect your capacity and increase your value, when he said i'll restore your broken relationships and turn your painful partings into joyful reunions, when he said i'll put flesh into your bones, when he said your cities will be livable again, when he said i'll part the sea for you, when he said i'm working in the background and out in the open - all these words and more got themselves planted in your life, in your body - and they grow, flourish, reproduce, multiply, become profitable, established, and produce offspring that begin the cycle all over again! his word prospered!

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