Sunday, June 05, 2011

Here He Comes

Acts 7.33-34
Kneel and pray. I've seen your agony. I've heard your groans. I've come to help you. So get yourself ready.

what was true then is still true today. this was God's attitude towards his people back then, this still is his attitude towards us today. his love is as great today as it was before, so count on that! kneel and pray, he has seen your agony, he has heard your groans, and he's come to help you! go get yourself ready, because when God speaks and says something, he means it! he does it! and it's the truth! and it will prevail.

you're healed, you're flourishing in life, alive and well - flourishing in God, which spills over to your health, relationships, finances, decisions, family members, jobs, friends, churchmates, everyone, everywhere, everything! because God's word prospers in you, he prospers in you, and you prosper in him! so get ready, he's come to help!

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