Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Deuteronomy 6.10
you're going to walk into large, bustling cities you didn't build
oh God how you promise! how you fully come through and fulfill your word when you make a promise! thank you that your vision for our lives is always bigger, always better, always greater and always stronger than before! you always see expansion, you always see our tents growing bigger and bigger! and the best part is, when you make a promise, our fruitfulness and expansion is tied to your promise, not to our capacity! our security is tied to the words that you speak over our lives, not to what our hands can and cannot do! truly lord, today's word is a greatly encouraging reminder that everything and everyone we have right now never came about because of us, but because of you lord! large, expansive lives that you built, that you conceived of long before time began. how amazing and praiseworthy you are God!

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