Saturday, November 28, 2015

Treat Others Very Well

1 Samuel 25.15
Yet these men treated us very well. They took nothing from us and didn't take advantage of us all the time we were in the fields.
thank you lord that when we follow you, we end up being huge blessings to everyone around us, we become earth-useful as we are heaven-bound. thank you that because of you we get to treat everyone around us very well, we can look to you for our provision so we don't take anything from anyone and we don't take advantage of anyone whatever their circumstance may be, no matter how favourable it may be for us to do so. thank you for creating us to do good, for coming to give us a relationship with you through which you give all good things. praise you for everything you create, everything you cause into being, for everything that you conceive of - all good and nothing but. wow, lord!

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