Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Deuteronomy 4.25
When the time comes that you have children and grandchildren, [that you have] put on years, [don't] start taking things for granted.
oh no lord, we completely rely on your grace for this! we will not ever make light of what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do! we will treat you and your word and your work with utmost honour and respect, we will let it all permeate our thoughts, influence our thinking, change our heart, plot our direction - and most important of all, author our words! we will not take you, your word and your work for granted by the things we say that don't honour you, that don't enforce your will, that go against what you have said and what you have so perfectly planned for and accomplished! no lord! we will hand over the rudder of our ship to you - our tongue will only be used for agreeing with you, and your grace will be abundantly appropriated in our speech as we learn to keep our mouths shut with things that don't honour you!

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