Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lived To Tell

Deuteronomy 4:33
Has a people ever heard, as you did, a god speaking out of the middle of the fire and lived to tell the story?
thank you God for you are always one step ahead of us - your foresight and your wisdom are beyond leaps and bounds ever seen before! thank you for giving us your word - your word that is our very life - your word so powerful it brought us to life and by it we came into being, the very same word that you use to bring us up and keep us moving forward, without which we would instantly come to nothing in your presence. thank you for this word that we can feed in everyday, that we can nourish ourselves with for us to nourish others with as well, for us to take with us wherever we go whatever we do whenever we are, this word that we fight with, survive with, keep going with, and win with! truly we would not be around without your weird, we would never make it without your word - all these thing would be useless without your word! and this very word you gave us to take into our hearts and speak out of our mouths with into our situations and into our world. thank you for this word that lives and gives life and lets us all live

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