Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tag, YOU're It!

Deuteronomy 4.35
He's the only God there is. He's it.
you are the only one, lord! we look to you and you alone. why do we even look to ourselves, father? you are the only God - one of a kind, the ONLY ONE of YOUR kind! no one, nothing comes close, no one could touch what you keep to yourself, what you hold dear to you, what is most precious to you. no one could ever get near to our hearts in you, no one could ever touch your plans, no one could rewrite your story, no one could bring forth anything out of nothing except you! what a God, the only God there is, you are it! may we never turn to anyone or anything else again, may you not be our last option, may you not be our last consideration - oh God we put you on top, at the centre of everything, and we let our lives revolve around you, have free reign in our hearts and lives, lord!

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