Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stand Aside

Deuteronomy 4:34
Or has a god ever tried to select for himself a nation from within a nation using trials, miracles, and war, putting his strong hand in, reaching his long arm out, a spectacle awesome and staggering, the way GOD, your God, did it for you in Egypt while you stood right there and watched?
oh Lord, thank you for letting us in on your love, for letting us be part of your family, for letting us belong to you - for allowing us to choose you as our master, the one we will serve forever, our father, the one we will be children of forever - for carrying us through no matter what - whether these be wars, trials, hardships, insecurities, troubling times, rocky waters, or highs and victories, successes and joys, celebrations and rejoicing, abundance and stability, security, fruitfulness and provision - you stay true and faithful no matter what. you always, always put your strong hand in, stretch your long arm out, sick to your integrity and identity of such a master, saviour, sovereign God, who never gives up, never stops loving, never gets defeated, always does the best, always lives up to who he is and what he says! a spectacular God whose heart is like none other, who values things that truly matter, who knows what's true and important on all levels - the one true God through and through as we stand aside and let you be you!

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