Thursday, June 27, 2013

Through The Wire

Deuteronomy 4.36
Down on Earth, he showed you the big fire and again you heard his words, this time out of the fire.
yes lord! even with the fire right in front of us, we still hear your words! we still hear your voice, out of the fire itself! out of the challenges, the circumstances and situations, you show up and you speak and we hear your words! your creative words, your words that spoke us into being, your audible voice that spoke the entire universe into existence! oh God, not just in heaven, but down here on earth - right in our very situation, right in our very circumstance, right in our deepest valley, you let us hear your words and we are alive in you! our hearts are refreshed, our hearts are recharged, our minds are refocused and our strength is renewed - even out of the fire! oh God, what else could keep us from going? from not giving up? from not finishing this race that you have already won? in you, nothing! absolutely nothing lord!

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