Friday, June 28, 2013

He So Loved and Chose

Deuteronomy 4.37
He loved your ancestors and chose to work with their children
thank you lord, praise you lord, for seeing the value in the generations before and after us, lord! thank you for investing in those who have gone before us to make sure that we continue to grow and flourish in your work right to this very day. thank you for your perfect plan, your foresight, your complete hope, your deep love. you are far beyond extraordinary, your wisdom is amazing, your passion is indescribable. it is because of this love that we are alive, that we are able to talk to you, that we can relate with you, and that there is something great and strong that we have continued on, that we have walked on. all because you loved our ancestors both physical and spiritual, and you chose to work with us their children. oh lord, keep having your way, you have all the reins!

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