Saturday, June 01, 2013

In The Now

Deuteronomy 4.4
But you, the ones who held tight to GOD, your God, are alive and well, every one of you, today.
amen! thank you God for redeeming the hurricanes, the whirlwinds around us to work the gold out of our lives right in the fire of difficulty. thank you for trusting that we will continue in faith through the fire, for giving us the grace to hold tight to you, oh how you have kept us alive and well, not losing a single one of us - every one of us held securely in the palm of you hand, living testimonies of your word that you will never part from us, that nothing could ever stand in the way of you and us and what you have in store! thank you lord for giving us the tenacity to keep keeping on, to hold on and hold on tight, because we know you always, always come through, you never fail, you are our strong foundation, and you are truly our rock, not just form the past or into the distant future, but in the now!

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