Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wisen Up

Deuteronomy 4.6
You'll become wise and understanding.
yes Lord, what truth and assurance of wisdom we have when we keep and obey your word! thank you for generously giving us the one true source of wisdom, of guidance, of direction in our lives - your word! thank you Lord that we get to obey you and keep your commands as a very strong and clear light for where we are going and what we're going to do because of your abundant grace and never-ending faithfulness. your word never goes out of style, never gets dated, always stays relevant, our one true source, our one true lifeline, the one true standard we could and world never ever do without. the directions we need, the turns we need to take, the choices we need to make, the calls we need to decide on, all perfectly principled and guided by your word, and as we keep offering and following you and letting your word take root and flourish in our minds and hearts we will have more than we need to live life the way you want us to - the best life ever. praise you Lord!

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