Saturday, June 29, 2013


Deuteronomy 4.37
He personally and powerfully brought you out of Egypt
you did it yourself, lord. you didn't delegate it to someone else, you didn't pass it off as something unimportant and not worthy enough of your attention, your action - no, lord! your plan is of utmost important to you, your priority is your word, that which you spoke and let go of, making sure it happens and happens with all the grace and provision and sovereignty that only a God like you could ever have! what a spectacle - both personal and powerful, lord! something that will never be forgotten, something that will never be made light of, something that will never be taken for granted. how you have transformed us from death to life, from being cut off to being a people of purpose, destiny, reason, hope, significance - all because you reached out your hand and moved mightily!

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