Saturday, October 17, 2015

As Always

1 Samuel 19.8
War broke out again and David went out to fight Philistines. He beat them badly, and they ran for their lives.
what a way to be always ready for anything - when we are fully dependent on you, we can truly face anything and anyone that goes against what you want and rely on the victory that you have already won. thank you, jesus, that because of what you have done, because of what you keep doing and because of what you will still do we are assured of a great victory over our situations, our circumstances, the things that try to take captive of us, the failings of our fall - everything in and around us that runs counter you! thank you that you are God above all, and you already gave all these a real bad beating when you paid for our freedom, our true freedom in you - for us to love and obey you. thank you, jesus!

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