Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not a Single Thing

1 Samuel 20.21
as God lives, not a thing to fear!
truly, God, no matter the situation, whatever the circumstance, this is one principle that can never be taken out of context - as you live, we have nothing to fear! thank you for being the eternal God that you are, the unlimited, greatest, highest ruler of all, the infinitely existing and loving one. thank you that out of your goodness, out of your identity, there truly is nothing to fear. fear is not even an issue, uncertainty is banished and we have true peace, true security in you, by you. because of you we can truly keep living a life that follows you, loves you and blesses the world we live in. thank you, thank you, jesus, for what you have done, for all you are doing, for all that you are still going to do!

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