Sunday, October 25, 2015

In On This

1 Samuel 20.23
remember that God's in on this with us to the very end!
what a God! what an eternal, loving, tenacious, persistently good God you are, lord! you blow our minds, jesus, your truth absolutely overwhelms us that we can't even comprehend the love that wells up in us as a response to your goodness. thank you that as we follow you and walk in your ways, walk in your truth, trust you fully with our lives no matter what, you are with us to the very end! thank you for this reminder, we will keep you front and centre, will keep you first and foremost in everything, and thank you that we can actually do this because you strengthen us to the very end. there's no quitting with you, God, there's no end to your presence, your goodness, your everything!

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