Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Things First

1 Samuel 22.3
Then David went to Mizpah in Moab. He petitioned the king of Moab, "Grant asylum to my father and mother until I find out what God has planned for me."
thank you for this example, lord. thank you that we get to take care of our family as we follow you because you are the one who blesses the rest when we put you first. thank you that we don't end up shirking our responsibilities just for us to obey you and let your kingdom rule our lives - no, the exact opposite happens - when you are at the centre of our everything, all pieces of our lives fall into place. our families are well taken care of, we get to be fruitful in our jobs, we get to follow you in all grace, we will never be left down a path of destruction, we will always be on the path of life, redemption and all good things that come from you. thank for being such a God, lord! thank you!

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