Saturday, October 03, 2015

Turned Around Yet Again

1 Samuel 18.15
When Saul saw how successful he was, he was afraid of him.
truth! when you are with us, when we get to move in the life you have for us, even if the enemy does something to destroy us, that very thing will be turned around for us to excel in, for us to be successful in in the natural as you have already called out in the spiritual! so abundantly, so full of grace, redemptive grace, so much so that the enemy becomes afraid of us, fears us because of you and what you've done, what you do. no matter how the enemy comes and shoots fiery darts to attack us out of what you have for us, what you have for us always prevails. it always wins, it always redeems, it always does good. it is always trustworthy and secure because of who you are, jesus.

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