Monday, October 19, 2015

Make Good of It!

1 Samuel 19.18
David made good his escape and went to Samuel at Ramah
oh God you always make good on your word that nothing will ever be too hard for us - there will always be a way. God, thank you for the grace for us to follow-through trusting you, for us to make good of the way you give us and do everything we can to take your road and follow you and stay devoted. may we gravitate towards you and your people when we are in trouble, may we wisely choose to turn to you and go to people who could properly point us towards you and what you want for us. thank you for enabling us to do this, you never let us go on our own, you never leave us to ourselves - you always save, you always love, you always hold us right where you want us to be. thank you lord!

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