Thursday, October 15, 2015

God Gave

1 Samuel 19.5
He put his life on the line when he killed the Philistine. What a great victory God gave Israel that day!
thank you lord that no matter how great the exploit in the natural, the victory is always about you. you are the one source of true victory, the one true giver of greatness, the one who graces us with life-giving presence, the one who will never run out and always flow freely, the one whose generosity never ends. thank you lord that life is not about us because we will never live up to life, we will never be able to handle it! thank you that you are the one who not only has the capacity but the generosity to be victorious, the security to give it away and the wisdom to give it away with it. thank you jesus that you are our God, and you are our love because you loved us first. wow!

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