Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Come Down and Join

1 Samuel 22.1
When his brothers and others associated with his family heard where he was, they came down and joined him.
thank you God for your design of family. thank you that we can stand with each other and bear one another's burdens. thank you that we get to have family and we get to be family to others - no matter how beautiful or not-so-ideal our situations may be when it comes to family, you have a perfect plan for us to be planted in your community where we can grow, where we can be who you want us to be as people around us speak life into us and we speak life into them. thank you lord that we have the grace to do this and do it well, to live life the way you want us to, to be who you want us to. thank you that we get to be creative in expressing our love to you, in praising you.

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