Monday, October 05, 2015

To The Pure...

1 Samuel 18.26
On receiving this message, David was pleased. There was something he could do for the king that would qualify him to be his son-in-law!
wow, jesus, what perspective! truly when we see everything through your perspective, when your purity is the one that rules our mind, covers our heart, runs through our blood, everything else that comes to us for the outside also gets to be pure! right down to the very plan of the enemy to destroy us and send us to our death, we can praise you for to and see it as an opportunity to rejoice in, to offer you worship in, to be generous with, to bless other people with, to see that every moment of our lives is all about you, never about us. thank you for your heart, lord, we can truly rejoice always! in everything the filled with joy! in every burst of your truth we are overwhelmed with your goodness. thank you jesus!

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