Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amazingly Unbelievable!

Exodus 3.3
What's going on here? I can't believe this! Amazing!
amen, lord! so true! we can't believe how good your plan is! amazing, lord! just as the bush that moses saw when he exclaimed, "amazing!" what you do in and around us is not just amazing, it's IMPOSSIBLE! BEYOND US! that's your specialty, lord! things that we can't understand! things that we can't believe even if we see with our own eyes! from every powerful word that you hurl out of your mouth to the BEST LAID PLANS that you PERFECTLY CARRY OUT, every single one of them is AMAZING, lord! thank you God that the more overwhelming our situation is, the more YOU become prominent, lord! the bigger our circumstances, THE BIGGER YOU ARE! THE BIGGER YOUR GRACE! lord, what's going on here? we can't believe this! amazing! thank you lord, truly, YOU ARE!

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