Sunday, July 08, 2012


Genesis 31.9
Over and over God used your father's livestock to reward me.
what an amazing truth lord! over and over you turn everything from those who try to hurt us into blessings that you flow into our lives! thank you lord that you are in control of all our situations, all the people we deal with, all our circumstances, all our predicaments big or small - and OVER AND OVER, time and again as we've seen in the past and will continue seeing in the future - you turn curses into blessnigs, theft into abundance, lack into provision! you are THE TRUE REDEEMER! you miraculously always turn anything bad hurled towards us into something great and good and extraordinarily beneficial to your plan! thank you so much God that absolutely no weapon formed against us will succeed in evil, because you turn them around and make them succeed leaps and bounds in good! thank you lord!

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