Thursday, July 19, 2012

God Noticed

Exodus 3.4
God saw that he had stopped to look.
God notices when you stop and take at look at what he's done. God is delighted, honored, praised when you stop and marvel at the amazing things that he has done! that's what catches his attention! that's what gets to him! that's what gets to his heart! amen, lord! what an insight and deep revelation into what's important to you! more than our sacrifice, you look for genuine captivation at what you do! yes, lord! we will pause, stop and ponder at the amazing things that you have done! the amazing things that you are doing! and the great and mighty deeds and words that you are still about to do and fulfill! thank you lord! from the smallest, most trivial thing that we take for granted, to your undoubtedly unmistakable grand handiwork, we deliberately interrupt our day, stop and ponder on just how great and how good you are, lord. truly, no one, nothing comes close to you!

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