Monday, July 23, 2012

I Go To You

Exodus 3.8
And now I have come down to help them.
amen lord! YOU are the one who comes down! YOU are the one who goes to our situation. it's not US who try to rise up to you, YOU are the one who COMES DOWN TO US! thank you lord! for you come to the situation! you GRACE our situation with your presence! with your generosity! with your provision! with your power! with your comfort and encouragement! with your holiness, lord! praise you father! thank you for helping us, and not anytime soon, but NOW! thank you for your timely help lord! thank you for sending YOURSELF to do your word's bidding! what a great and mighty and awesome holy God you are! we know lord that YOU KNOW, you never miss a thing! you know ALL, ALL about our pain! not one single detail missed! and more than that, YOU COME DOWN TO US TO HELP! thank you so much lord! what else can frighten us? what else can try and topple us down? NOTHING! NO ONE! because YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT OUR PAIN, AND YOU HAVE COME DOWN TO HELP US!

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