Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Hope Deferred

Genesis 49.18
I wait in hope for your salvation, God.
wow lord! thank you that WE DON'T WAIT IN VAIN! thank you lord that when we wait on you, WE WAIT IN HOPE! no time is lost, no effort is wasted, no joy deferred! thank you lord that we know your timing is perfect, no matter how unseemly things may be, no matter what everyone around us is saying, no matter how everything around us runs counter your word, we are SURE that what we are waiting for in you WILL HAPPEN! WE HAVE HOPE! our joy is full! our expectation is grand, and your word is sure! we will never be left hanging high and dry, we are secure that you are always going to come through! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, LORD! whether it's your word daily saving us from all fiery darts against us, or your eternal salvation that you have promised ever so generously, WE ARE SURE OF OUR HOPE! yes lord, WE WAIT IN HOPE! we wait in hope.

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