Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Sent You

Exodus 3.12
I am the one who sent you.
what an assurance! what direction! we are never at a loss, we are always on the right track! we have a purpose, a sure sense of direction, a true purpose! we are not just a senseless, useless speck of dust lost in nothing, we are made significant, a tiny player given a huge role in your story. thank you lord for sending us, we go in your authority, we do things authorized by you, we move in situations authored by you, so we know we will never ever be defeated by our circumstances, we will never be drowned by our situations, we will never be unsettled with things beyond our control, because YOU have everything covered, YOU are the one who sent us. we move with all confidence, lord! no one can trump that, nothing can upset that, no place can be too far for that, no time is too long for that, no attack is too powerful for that! thank you, thank you lord!

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