Friday, July 27, 2012


Exodus 3.12
This will be the proof that I am the one who sent you: When you have done what I sent you for, you will worship me.
thank you not just sending us, not just for honoring us with a part in your grand plan, but for giving us a sure thing to hold on to, a great thing to look forward to, an ever-living hope that we are NOT BELIEVING IN VAIN! a promise from you, a sure thing that WILL happen - that what you asked us to do WILL INDEED BE SUCCESSFUL! there's no more thinking twice about it, no more doubt ensues, no more uncertainty - none! when you SEND us to do your bidding, it's already guaranteed to happen! we are sure winners, our success is GUARANTEED! because what we are doing is not OUR doing, but YOURS! that loved one WILL COME TO KNOW YOU! that sickness WILL BE HEALED! that disease WILL BE CANCELLED! that mission WILL BE FULFILLED! that destiny WILL BE LIVED OUT! and it gets even better, because once EVERYTHING PLAYS OUT, the sure hope we are holding on is not the fulfillment of the plan, but WORSHIPING YOU WHEN IT HAPPENS! that is what we look forward to! praise you! praise you lord!

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