Thursday, July 12, 2012

For The Win!

Genesis 39.23
God was with him; whatever he did God made sure it worked out for the best.
wow jesus! thank you so much! because you not only generously grant us your PRESENCE, you also give us your SURE GUARANTEE that EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FOR THE BEST! that's your TRADEMARK, LORD, it's WHO YOU ARE! always WORKING FOR THE BEST! and as you keep working for YOUR BEST, the BEST FOR US happens FOR SURE! thank you lord that in whatever we do, everything we commit to you! because you are the one who will MAKE SURE that all we commit to you WILL WORK OUT FOR THE BEST! you are amazing lord! amazing! so whatever is hurled against us, whatever is planned by the enemy against us, whatever the situations and circumstances around us are - favorable or not, whoever works with us or against us, however provided for we are, however equipped we currently are for these tasks, you will ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT ALL THESE THINGS WORK OUT FOR THE BEST! the BEST! meaning no plan B, always the BEST PLAN A! no contingency, always omnisicently planned, omnipresently developed and omnipotently executed! thank you lord! thank you lord!

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