Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working for Good!

Genesis 39.3
God was working for good in everything he did.
wow lord! thank you! nothing, absolutely NOTHING IS WASTED in your economy! thank you lord that in EVERYTHING we do, YOU ARE ALWAYS WORKING FOR GOOD! thank you lord for this wonderful, amazing love! because we are never defeated, we are never downtrodden, we NEVER LOSE, WE ALWAYS WIN! thank you lord that you are not just behind the scenes, but you are in the middle of everything, and way ahead of all our situations! thank you lord that you use every situation, every circumstance, every decision, and yes, EVERY SINGLE PART OF OUR PAST - you use them all TO WORK FOR GOOD! everything means ALL, lord, nothing left behind! and you are IN TOTAL CONTROL, in FULL SOVEREIGNTY, giving us FULL PROTECTION and FULL SECURITY! lord, what an amazing life! how would our life be without you? thank you lord!

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