Monday, July 09, 2012

I Know.

Genesis 31.12
I know what's being done to you.
thank you lord! you see every injustice, every unfairness towards us, you KNOW! and you do something about it! nothing escapes your eye, thank you lord for YOU ARE THE SOVEREIGN ONE! thank you lord that you are the GOD of the old testament and the new testament, the then and now and will be, and we truly truly rely on you father! you know all the plans made against us, both deliberate and circumstantial, and we are thankful, lord! so thankful! because we can focus on being grateful to you, worshiping you, instead of worrying about every little thing that is planned against us! thank you lord that YOUR PLAN ALWAYS PREVAILS, and YOUR PLAN FOR US IS GOOD NOT EVIL! thank you lord that you know, you know you know what's being done to us! and you don't just sit back and do nothing about it. thank you lord! what peace and security we have for you!

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